Sub Injuries

Plots. Sub plots.

When you’re sick sometimes you bang yourself on the wall or drop something on yourself which contributes to your body’s physical damage. Like when you get shot, you panic, you fall on a bed of nails, and drop into a well. I call this “Sub-Injuries”

Especially when you’re all drowsy and your body’s weak. It happened alot to me when I’m rushing to the toilet to spit out phlegm or blow my nose. That’s when I hit my shoulder on the metal bar beside the toilet, when i slipped near the dustbin. Kancheong spider. That’s what drugs do to you. Especially that devil yellow pill. Reminds me of the matrix pill.

It’s a bad time to be sick. Term break is coming! I should be healthy! I have 2 national projects on the way and my girlfriend is joining Singapore Idol. We’re gonna overnight tomorrow at Cathay to make sure she’s in the queue. It’s a big step in our relationship. Fame is gonna hit her. I’ve promised to be by her side through thick and thin, I just wish I’ll have the strength. It’s gonna be awesome.

Argh! My screen is dirty. And noticing this, I look around my room to see how much a mess it is in. It shows how I haven’t had time to spend at home, being so busy with assignments and external projects, my time at home gets neglected. Sometimes I wish there’s more days in a week. Like add 2 more weekends, so I can clean up my room.

I want to be healthy again!


June 4, 2009 at 1:54 PM



It’s been an awful long time since i’ve posted anything here. And it’s bad cus these posts are graded. I’m sitting on my bed with my Macbook on my lap writing this as my nose leaks and my head feeling heavy. It’s been a while since i’ve been sick. The last time was June last year. I always get sick in June. I don’t know why. Up till today, I owe Leslie 3 blog posts, 1 letter, and a better draft of my final story. It’s sad cus Storytelling is one of the better classes and i’m not performing up to standard. Maybe because the class is on friday. And I procrastinate. Well I’ll try my best to settle all my debt to the class by today.

Nadia is the best girlfriend in the world. When you meet someone who would hold you when mucus is dripping out of your nose, who would would wrap you up and keep you warm when she could catch your virus, knowing she has an audition at the end of the week, who would rush down from school to send you to the doctor, and don’t expect a reward, you know you’ve met someone really extraordinary. I am thankful to have met someone like Nadia.

Going to the polyclinic was interesting. Because of the H1N1 danger, I came in separated from Nadia and was scanned for fever and was forced to put on a mask. We were then brought to a special waiting area to diagnose flu patients. It was scary. What if the dude beside me had the virus? Nadia did’nt have to wear a mask. Lucky girl. It was difficult to breathe wearing that thing. The doctor gave me 2 days MC which was redundant as I have no class on Thursday. I got my favourite drugs. Chlorophenamine. Those little yellow flu pills. Take one and you get knocked out. I actually just took one 10 minutes ago. Won’t be surprised to wake up looking at this post done but unpublished.

It sucks lah being sick! I couldn’t taste food, couldn’t smell anything, could’nt come close with my girlfriend. It sucks. And you watch the world go by. I’m thinking of what should I do for Nadia to thank her when I get better. If you have any ideas, post em ya.

Okay, better not write everything here. I have 2 more blogs to go.

Take care, don’t take drugs.


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I Want A Bike

Come 8th October, I will be officially 18 and legal to apply for my Class 2b (Motorcycles Below 250cc) licence. I cannot stand public transport anymore. As much as I love to people watch, sometimes the people on the bus irritates me. Another reason would be i can go anywhere (in singapore) anytime with my bike, without the worry of “last train..or last bus..”

I have to really start saving money costs about $700 for the licence, $4000 for the bike. It’s like getting another macbook pro. I’ve opened a seperate bank account for my bike funds and right now we are only at $500. So please kindly make a donation. Every $100 donation entitles you to a zul tshirt and memorabilia.

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I did something crazy in the bus today. Haha! There’s this chinese uncle infront of me looking at his phone contacts. I memorised the number he was going to call before he pressed call. While he was talking, i called the number, forcing him to be put on hold and his friend answer my call. Then his friend call him back and I called again. Wahahahaha. I think he’s going to go home and make a post on FML.

Btw, have you heard of FML? FML is funneh! Check it out:

For those of you who don’t know, I’m involved in the local improv group: Mission Singapore. We go around Singapore acting on the streets. Check out this video of one of the missions i played a role in.

We put the scene in Singapore.

Visit our website and subscribe to our mailing list:…

Mission: A True Artist
Music by Orkestra del Sol

One of our agent, disguised as a Serbian Artist, settled down at a street corner and pretended to paint on an empty white canvas. Soon other agents arrived and pretended that they all saw something incredible on the canvas. As expected, passers by stopped and stared at the empty canvas and were confused by the statements made by our agents. Their reactions were priceless.

In case you can’t see, the canvas is empty.

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Hello World!

Yes, thank you wordpress for suggesting the title. Hello World! It has been 3 lessons and this is my first blog post. I feel bad. I really do. Storytelling is the awesomest class of the entire week and I have’nt been giving my 110% percent into it. I’m sorry.

Alot has happened these past few weeks that got me really busy. For one, I am involved in a national project – a talkshow for youths, a night cycling event this june, a charity futsal event happening at the end of the month, im involved in my CCA in ngee ann – malay drama and i just got into my first serious relationship. Yes, it has been a hell of a past 3 weeks.

In case you were wondering why i’m involved in so many things, I’m actually working part time at Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah Mosque, the mosque you can see when you past redhill MRT, as a Youth Development Coordinator. As a YDC, I manage the youth department and oversee projects aimed at benefitting the community and developing the youths.

I know you kaypohs just want to know about the girlfriend right.. It was on the 14th of March 2009, when i proposed to Miss Nadia Ramlee on top of the world (in a private capsule on the singapore flyer). Ok lah, i didnt actually get a private capsule but we were lucky that no one else boarded after we did so we had the entire capsule to ourselves. Awesome right. The view was breathtaking from up there. Like Alex Hitchens said “life is not about the amounts of breath you take. Its about the moments that take your breath away.”

Ok, enough info, kaypoh fms people. I’m going to end my blog here cus if i ramble on, there won’t be much content for the other 2 blogs im supposed to write about. I would like to close this first post by again apologising to Leslie, for not showing as much enthusiasm as I should have. And thanking YOU for taking the time to read this post.

Thank You Very Nice.

Take Care Dont Take Drugs.

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